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Sore throat

Many infections start with a sore throat and then spread to nose, sinuses or larynx, trachea and bronchial system. To avoid unnecessary antibiotic treatment I use a strep test. The result is available within minutes and helps to identify the right course of treatment.


One of the most common questions asked by patients is whether a tonsillectomy or (especially for children) an adenoidectomy is necessary. See also: My child should have an operation. Is this really necessary? There is no standard answer as each patient is different. I base my recommendation on a thorough examination of the form and size of the tonsils, as well as a detailed consultation with the patient to understand the type and frequency of the complaint.


Having taken over my father's practice which specialized in treating singers and actors for years, it was clear that treating patients with voice problems would be a central part of my work as an ENT specialist. What is valid for a world-class opera singer can be applied -with moderations- to every patient with a vocal complaint.

The more you rely on your voice in your job, the more crucial it is to recognize the causes of hoarseness quickly, take the appropriate measures to prevent it and start any necessary treatment early on. The main aim is to prevent long lasting voice problems. The earlier the treatment begins, the faster the problems disappear.

Acute laryngitis is mostly caused by a virus. Antibiotic treatment is therefore not necessary. Any hoarseness which lasts longer than three weeks needs to be examined by an ENT-specialist to rule out cancer.

A never-ending cough

Everyone has suffered from a bad cough once. By treating the infection, the irritating symptoms quickly disappear. It becomes a problem if the cough does not go away. The ENT specialist has many ways of identifying the cause and prescribing the correct treatment. The crucial point - as with all persistent complaints - is a detailed anamnesis (an examination of the patient's medical history). This is followed by a thorough examination of the nose/sinuses, throat, larynx and windpipe. When treating patients who smoke it is particularly important to rule out the possibility of a malignant tumor as the cause of the complaint and to help patients develop strategies to quit smoking once and for all.


Most of the time you are sent by your partner, who is disturbed by your snoring. It is important to find out if you are taking longer breath breaks during sleep. These can endanger your health.

Which methods are suitable for solving your problem can be found out by simple examinations.

Compress à la Kürsten

A wonderful first course of action for sore throats is the application of an oil compress over night. The application is simple. Take a paper towel from a kitchen roll, fold it twice and drop a few drops of cooking oil (not warmed!) on to the paper. Press the oily side against the throat. Next tie a tea towel or handkerchief around the throat to keep the oily paper towel in place. The Compress à la Kürsten is now ready! The oil will close the pores in the skin, which leads to improved blood circulation.

Variations for the windpipe: Place the compress à la Kürsten on the breast with a towel on top and a hot water bottle (not too hot!) on top of that.


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