Dr. med. Reinhard Kürsten
Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant

Children, especially, suffer from frequent middle ear infections. Not all of those otitis media cases needs to be treated with antibiotics. However when antibiotics are not used it is necessary to follow exact instructions and sometimes have regular check-ups to avoid dangerous complications.

Sometimes earache is not caused by an infection. A detailed anamnesis and examination will help to find the real reason.


Serious loss of hearing or just earwax?
A sudden decline in hearing ability should be investigated by a doctor as soon as possible. It only takes the specialist a quick glance into the ear to see whether the auditory canal is simply blocked with earwax or whether there is a suspected loss of hearing (sudden loss of hearing due to damage of the inner ear/auditory nerves). If this is the case I will advise you, what to do.

People are all speaking so unclearly, they sound muffled...
A gradual loss of hearing often goes unnoticed by the patient for a long time. Often it is the relatives who send the patient to a doctor as they are bothered by the increasing hearing problems. If you feel that most people are not speaking clearly or that you cannot understand much when you go to the theatre, you should go straight to an ENT specialist.

I will examine the ear using a microscope. Next you are given a hearing test. When the results are ready I will explain the best course of action.

Am I too young for a hearing aid?
Some hearing problems can only be corrected by use of a hearing aid. Unfortunately hearing aids are perceived as less socially acceptable than glasses and many patients consider them a blatant sign of aging.

The earlier hearing loss is corrected by a hearing aid, the more effective the result. Ignoring hearing loss for years can lead to deterioration of brain areas involved in hearing because information from the ear is not being transmitted properly to the brain. It can therefore take longer to regenerate.

Too often people wrongly try to convince themselves that an untreated loss of hearing is much easier to hide from other people than a hearing aid. If you cannot follow conversations, you are more likely to be withdrawn and suffer from social isolation.

I am responsible to advise you on the best choice of hearing aid and to ensure that you do not become one of the many people leaving their expensive hearing aids unused on the bedside table.


Since my training and education I have had a particular interest in problems of balance. As our organ for balance lies in the ear, the ENT doctor plays a crucial role in the examination and treatment of patients who complain about dizziness.


Many people suffer from hearing noises that unfortunately, despite all the medical advances, cannot always be treated to peoples' satisfaction. My role is to offer tinnitus patients sufficient time for anamnesis and necessary examinations in order to identify if your case is treatable. If it is not possible to make the noises disappear completely, I aim to offer at least an alleviation of the complaint. I want to help you avoid countless, often pointless and usually expensive therapy offers.
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